Tip For Increasing The Energy Efficiency Of Blast Freezer

Your blast freezer is working hard for your business. Let’s look at a few tips that you can do to give back to your blast freezer, ensuring it’s running in top form at all times.

Do you know which dishes that require fast cooling:

  • Dishes which are cooked by the Cook and Chill process (fish, meat, vegetables)
  • Desserts/pastries that require cooling (Creams, Gelato, pies, cakes, puddings)
  • Dishes using hot preparations which are processed in Cook & Serve.
Frozen fruits blueberries blackberry raspberry red currant peach and herbs melissa.

Cleaning your Blast Chiller

Investing in these Blast Chiller manufactured in stainless steel with hygienic cathodic protection and easy to clean. Clear of the water in the drip pan. Clean your blast chiller daily, and any drippings need to be wiped away immediately to reduce build-up.


Pre-chill your blast chiller for 30 minutes before putting the first load in to avoid the refrigeration system from being overworked.

Use a Timer or Core Probe:

Using a core probe will help stop your cycle as soon as the correct temperature is reached. It also avoids over and under-chilling.

Keep the Blast Freezer Door Closed:

Don’t open the door when the process has started, it will make the food to warm air and disrupt the whole cycle. And compromises food safety as well.

Let’s have a look at Blast Freezer Operation by Sammic Service Center: