Active glasswashers and dishwashers: high performance, without the hassle

The Active range of glasswashers and dishwashers has been developed with the aim of making the latest washing technologies available to professionals, without the hassle. All this, with all the advantages of the new Sammic ware washing generation: recessed tanks, Hydroblade arms, 3-stage filters, ergonomics and low consumption.  

Active control panel

  • Dedicated cycles: choosing the type of product to wash, the machine adjusts the duration of the cycle, guaranteeing maximum efficiency of resources. 
  • Machine status: the indicators tell you if the machine is on or off, if it’s heating up or if it has reached the washing temperature.  
  • Cycle phase indicator: indicates whether the machine is washing or rinsing. 
  • Automatic start function: you can activate the automatic start of the wash cycle by closing the door or hood.  

Active Glasswasher 

The AX-40 glasswasher has recessed single-wall bodywork, 3-phase filters, capacity for a 400×400 basket with the option of fitting a double basked by purchasing the corresponding kit, useful washing height of 300 mm, composite Hydroblade arms and dedicated cycles with different durations (fine glassware 90”, glassware 120” and plates 180”).  

With wash tank power of 1.2 kW, boiler of 2.5 kW and pump of 0.25 kW, the total installed power is 2.75 kW.  

Among the available options are the overflow drainage pump and the detergent dispenser. 

AX-100 Hood-type dishwasher 

Equipped with a recessed single-wall tank, this dishwasher has 3-stage filters with a stainless-steel surface filter. Made for a 500×500 basket, it has a useful height of 430 mm. It is equipped with stainless steel Hydroblade arms and offers dedicated cycles of different durations (glassware 120”, plates 180” and pans 210”). 

With a wash tank power of 2.5 kW, boiler of 6 kW and pump of 0.75 kW, the total installed power is 6.75 kW.  

Among the available options are the overflow drainage pump and the detergent dispenser.