SmartVide X, The State-Of-The-Art Immersion Circulator

Discover the new SmartVide X sous-vide cooker. It joins the SmartVide 9, SmartVide 7 and SmartVide 5, to complete Sammic’s family of state-of-the-art immersion circulators. With a 5″ colour touch screen and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, this cooker is ideal for bringing professional performance to any type of kitchen that wants to be at the cutting edge.  Professional performance: Precise temperature control and

Sammic Service Center-Commercial Kitchen Service in Singapore

In the food industry. When your equipment consistently underperforms, so does the food you prepare for your customers. That’s why it’s so important to mantain and repair when your machines break down. At Sammic Service Center, we know how crucial is to your business’s success, so we provide all the reliable commercial kitchen repair, maintenance