Ultra glasswashers and dishwashers: the best user experience

We are launching a new line of Ultra glass washers and dishwashers, designed to offer the best user experience, with advanced and customisable features. In addition to the common characteristics of Sammic’s entire warewashing range (integrated tanks, Hydroblade arms, 3-stage filters, ergonomics, low energy consumption), the new line has a series of premium features designed to improve the usability of the

SmartVide X, The State-Of-The-Art Immersion Circulator

Discover the new SmartVide X sous-vide cooker. It joins the SmartVide 9, SmartVide 7 and SmartVide 5, to complete Sammic’s family of state-of-the-art immersion circulators. With a 5″ colour touch screen and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, this cooker is ideal for bringing professional performance to any type of kitchen that wants to be at the cutting edge.  Professional performance: Precise temperature control and