The Smart Vide At National Kaohsiung University Of Hospitality And Tourism

Thanks to Sammic’s partnership with NKUHT (National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism) in Taiwan, our SmartVide immersion circulators are being used to train future culinary professionals. Last month, they utilized the SmartVide for their basic western cooking class. This class was an intro to western culinary arts and, next semester, they will have the advanced western

Sammic in CUISINE CONCEPT – Thailand

Cuisine Concept is an international full-service food & beverage industry consulting firm founded and helmed by Chef Ian Kittichai. With his experience and diverse international career, along with a specially trained team, Chef Kittichai and Cuisine Concept. are in a unique position to meet clients’ F&B project requirements all around the world. Temperature-controlled cooking has

Sammic in SAN LORENZO RESIDENCE – The Canary Islands, Spain.

San Lorenzo Residence comes with a real home vibe to travellers, packing in extras like lounges and self-catering kitchen spaces, dining rooms and multiple bedrooms. San Lorenzo Residence also offers customers hotel service such as a reception desk to ensure the check-in is personable and smooth,  and housekeeping arrangement to keep things organised and clean